The Faces of CFA

The Owners

Meet Randi Case and Jim Harrington. Randi, Owner, and Jim, CFO, have owned Caring For Animals since 2009. They have 5 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 lizards.


The Oldest of the 5. Loves animals with a passion. Has been working in the company since 2013. Connor, 23, has worked in zoos, pet stores, retail and hospitality. He has certifications in Avian, Fish and Reptile, Cat and Dog Nutrition from UCal Davis.


The middle child of 5. An Exercise Science Major. Spencer, 20, loves animals more than life itself. Great with animals. Loves talking dogs on walks and playing fetch.



The second oldest is a Music Production major. Peter, 21, loves photography and nature. Throw animals in the mix and you get one amazing picture.


The forth oldest child, Hannah is a Business Major at The University of Rhode Island and has a passionate love for all sorts of animals. She's been around them since the day she was born.


Our "Dog Whisperer" has a special bond with every animal. Sam, the youngest child, 17, has one of the biggest hearts towards animals you'll ever meet.